11 definitions by NewName

(1) A person very proficent with the knowledge of netowroking and computer hardware
(2) A very jolly person
(3) A well known Beta Tester and/or someone who posseses a large quantity of Beta Products
Maxious has tay Router skeelz
by NewName October 22, 2003
Short for "Gorge" in the Half-Life mod Natural-Selection. No longer used in 2.0 and 3.0 it originated from 1.0x when gorge was shortened to GORG in the scoreboard, becouse it would not fit anything larger than 4 characters.
"Im going gorg this round"
by NewName August 29, 2004
usally good at LAN partehs
by NewName October 22, 2003
(1) A person who can pcik up a game and own you at it after 2 weeks of playing it
(2) A nerd who plays soccer, well
by NewName October 22, 2003
Generally depicting shifty eyes.
Created using the alt code: ALT+0172
Mainly used on IRC where uniform monospaced fonts make it apear best.
by NewName August 28, 2004
(1) This fish insterted into the ear to obtain multi-lingual powers in the highly acclaimed book "The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy"
(2) Undoubtably the best automatic language studies homework machine ever invented
That assignment will only take me 5 minutes, i'll just babelfish it!
by NewName October 22, 2003
A free open source alternitive to Microsoft Office, it supports all of Microsoft Offices major file formats.
And mimics all of Offices major features.
Open office is also smaller and mor reliable than Microsoft Office.
Support the open source revolution today!
Install open office!
by NewName August 29, 2004