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(1) A person very proficent with the knowledge of netowroking and computer hardware
(2) A very jolly person
(3) A well known Beta Tester and/or someone who posseses a large quantity of Beta Products
Maxious has tay Router skeelz
by NewName October 22, 2003
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Short for "Gorge" in the Half-Life mod Natural-Selection. No longer used in 2.0 and 3.0 it originated from 1.0x when gorge was shortened to GORG in the scoreboard, becouse it would not fit anything larger than 4 characters.
"Im going gorg this round"
by NewName August 29, 2004
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usally good at LAN partehs
by NewName October 22, 2003
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A nerd joke, used by those who understand binary against those who don't.
01001110 01100101 01110111 01001110 01100001 01101101 01100101 00100000 01110010 00110000 01111000 00110000 01110010 01110011
yes... ¬_¬
by NewName August 29, 2004
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(1) A person who can pcik up a game and own you at it after 2 weeks of playing it
(2) A nerd who plays soccer, well
by NewName October 22, 2003
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Capital city of Australia, suffers from hot summers and cold winters, and a severe lack of water.

One of the few cities in Australia planned before being expanded from it's foundations, this shows with Canberra's very wide flat spear out apearance. It has virtually no high-rise buildings, and an abundance of trees and shurbs.

It is commonly refered to as the "Bush Capital" becouse it is so well integrated with the surrounding australian fauna and flora.

Kangaroos are protected within the ACT (The Australian Capital Territory, the state in which Canberra resides in) so road accidents involving Kangaroos are very common.

Commonly refered to as the biggest "hole" in Australia, but only by those who have not visited it, and base their argument purly on the lack of a large CBD.
Sydney is commonly mistaken as the capital of australia by a large percentage of americans, and Canberra has only recently been mentioned in international news becouse of the Bushfires that affected it.
by NewName August 28, 2004
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A game development company that produced the popular title Half-Life.

See valve.
Dont you hate the fact you have to put an example in?
by NewName August 29, 2004
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