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a subreddit to show how people make errors online, as if they had a stroke.

Person 1: "i am givtring to msdd preofpcornns"

Person 2: "r/ihadastroke"
by Neutral_02 April 5, 2023
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(1)A type of rifle modification where you saw off the stock and the barrel, somewhat like how you would saw off parts of a double barrel shotgun. Said Obrež is classified as a short barreld rifle, not a pistol by the ATF.

(2)also turns out M.Obrež is a bus stop in slovenia.
(1) I turned my Mosin Nagant into an Obrež!

(2) i am stuck in slovenia help me i am at M.Obrež, 8257 Dobova, Slovenia.
by Neutral_02 April 5, 2023
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A term for when your stupid shit (mainly on the platform ROBLOX) is removed, due to it being either inappropriate, violating copyrights, etc.
Person 1: "oh shit! all my favorite condo games on roblox are gone! It's all Content Deleted!"

Person 2: "good, gotta stay off of those porn games man."
by Neutral_02 April 5, 2023
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