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Snobby/Snobbby/Snobbee/Alfred. Neopets: Snobby (username: snobbby) is a benevolent being who, in his infinite majesty, bestows upon the purge forum great knowledge of the names which the purge approaches. Snobby wishes only for equality and justice. There are those who speak ill of the Snobby, but we do not heed their words, for Snobby has granted the folk of the purge forum many blessed gifts of names in return for our kissing up to him. Should you desire knowledge of a name approaching, simply ask it of Snobby, and he may see fit to grant your desire.
Neopets purge noob 1: There's a Christmas Gelert on a L-U account, is she coming up soon??
Neopets purge noob 2: OOooo what's the name! Tell me!
Snobby: It's Lauren.
everyone: -cries- You're so mean, snobby!!!!
by Neopetters4Lyfe June 23, 2013

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To reach a level of fabulosity that only people like snobby have achieved. Characterized by being mean, bitchy, and feeling better than everyone else. People love to hate you and hate they can't help but love you. Don't forget to /hair flip
Jenny: OMG who does she think she is stealing my boyfriend like that? What a whore.
Marisa: Oh Jenny you're just jealous because she's so snobulous.

Jenny: Like, what?
Marisa: God Jenny get with the times, being snobulous is like being Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls. I mean, do you even go to this school? /hair flip
by Neopetters4Lyfe August 06, 2013

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