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reconfuckingsideration (re khun FUK ing sid err AY shun) n. what Urban Dictionary editors with any sense call the 'new' reconsideration feature on Urban Dictionary for they know it has the potential to be total bullshit because it's a way to rewrite history, censor other people's definitions AND see one's name on the reconsideration statistics list as a contributor to the crusade.
Sane, logical, stable UD editor:Sally, have you been working the reconsideration feature Aaron added to UD?
My girlfriend Sally: No! I have not. It's fucked up for people, especially n00bs, to have the power to fuck with somebody's definitions.
Sane, logical, stable UD editor: Chill Sally, damn. Aaron will ban you from talk if you don't watch it.
My girlfriend Sally: I don't give a rat's ass about no stinkin' reconfuckingsideration crusade. It sucks.
by Neddy Ludd June 11, 2006
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mas-tur-bait, verb. self-stimulation of the genetalia which may or may not end in an orgasm
mother: "I'd better not catch you touching yourself down there again!"
teenager: "Mom! I swear I wasn't..."
mother: "Well, let me tell you this, every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten!"
teenager: "I guess I should think of the kittens."
by Neddy Ludd March 10, 2006
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