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(SIR cut PAR tee) noun. any number of a series of events that can be held around world generally catering to butch looking young gay men and fag hags that consists of dancing mindlessly until dawn to disco music after injesting K, ex and/or methamphetamine
Ted: Hey. I got my invitation to the circuit party the other day, wanna go?
Tod: I don't have anything butch enough to wear and I'm all out of (drug of choice or availability).
Ted: I'm out of (drug of choice or availability) too. Let's call that fag hag Sue.
Tod: Great idea Ted! That bitch always has (drug of choice or availability).
by Nedd Ludd September 17, 2005
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(MASS-iv KORE-ah-nair-ee) noun. a Jewish heart attack
Rose: Oy vey! Sylvia, have you heard?
Sylvia: Nu?
Rose: It's Eugene. G-d forbid! He has had a massive coronary already.
Sylvia: Thank G-d it wasn't a goyish heart attack.
Rose: You're telling me!?
Sylvia: Pooh, pooh, pooh.
by Nedd Ludd September 20, 2005
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noun: a gay man who looks and acts overly masculine

adj.: the get up a gay man wears when he wants to appear masculine that usually incorporates laced up work boots, tight Levi's 501's, a tank top and a black leather jacket
1. Tod: I wanted to get plowed so I picked up this hot man at the circuit party last night.
Ted: Did he poke you?
Tod: Yes honey and he was sooo butch. I loved it.
Ted: Lucky you.

2. Ted: Look at HER! Who does she think she is in that get up?
Tod: Yeah! Who's she tryin' to fool? What a mess!
Ted: Is that supposed to look butch?
Tod: I don't know but he could plow my hole anytime.
by Nedd Ludd September 17, 2005
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shoe gazer (SHOO gay zer) n., pl. -ers 1. synonym for emo. 2. gerund: the physical posture an emo assumes while listening to emo music
example 1: Dude 1: Yo dude! What's up with that chick? Why is she staring at the ground like that?
Dude 2: She's listenin' to emo music dude, she's a fuckin' shoe gazer.

example 2: A group of 10 shoe gazers committed suicide at the Morissey concert last night.
by Nedd Ludd September 02, 2005
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IUD (eye-you-DEE) n. although it does not yet exist, IUD is an anagram for International Urban Dictionary
Sally: "Gee, I really like the UD. How about you?"
Sue: "I guess, but UD is narrow in scope. It has 99% English words."
Sally: "Shit Sue, you're trippin'.
Sue: "Whatever. I think an IUD would be more inclusive."
Sally: "Shut the fuck up. You're talking nonsense. The editors would never go for it."
Sue: "Fine, I'll start my own then."
by Nedd Ludd October 02, 2005
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