(GAY-speek)n. communication between homosexual males (usually in private) who speak in a familiar manner that comes across, initially ,as polite discourse but it is usually loaded with rancor and/or sarcasm

Tod: "Hey Queen. Don't you look lovely today"
Ted: "Thank you Miss Thing! I do don't I?"
Tim: "You two are a real mess."
Tod: "What's her problem? Didn't get any last night?"
Ted: "Whatever! The bitch thinks she's all that..."
Tim: "You girls work my nerves with all that gayspeak. You sound like a couple of black women."
Tad: "You know what they say honey: Trapped inside every gay man is a black female entertainer."
Tim and Tod: "Thank you honey!"
by Nedd Ludd September 30, 2005
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