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The idea of Mecca-Cola came about in the 21-century by Muslim entrepreneurs and was made feasible by the widespread anti-American and anti-Israeli sentiment created after the beginning of the first Intifada (Palestinian uprising) and before, and during the war on Iraq. It was also made feasible by the widespread boycotts against American icons like Coca-cola and McDonalds (which has hundreds of chains in Saudi Arabia alone), due to the belief that a percentage of their profit was being donated to Israel (because they believed they were "Jewish-owned", or "Christian Zionist-owned", which in turn would use it for military purposes against the Palestinians.
An illustration which was very popular in the Arab world at one time had pictures of various American products with the price next to it and a calculation of the number of bullets it can buy, read: Palestinian child killed. This illustration, amongst other solgans, helped fuel the boycott of American products, and the idea of Mecca Cola, as well as other various named Colas, and word plays on Fanta, Seven Up, Miranda, etc, that allude to Arabic or Islamic culture.
There are countless Mecca-Cola wanabees, although none, not even Mecca-Cola, can hold any comparison to the popularity of Coca-Cola and Pepsi in the Arab world. If anything, Arabs have a very short memory.
by Necromancer44 October 19, 2006
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An acronym for Strong Women Achievers, No Spouse.

A phenomenon seen in society where many smart successful high earning career women find it difficult to find an honest partner, because most smart successful men prefer dumb pretty girls who will give them a great time in bed. These men are intimidated by SWANS, who in turn find it difficult to marry less successful men (just like all females) and would rather remain single then get used, or God forbid, mistreated by a loser.

They also have the tendency to get the unwanted attention of potential boytoys if they are found in their work environment (usually as copyboys), who are young broke but good-looking men who were jocks in high school and are now adult male golddiggers. However, unlike big male CEOs, who would happily have a trophy wife, these women are (almost always) uncomfortable with marrying down.

Its not a common term but it has been used in several social science books like "Single by Chance, Mothers by Choice: How Women Are Choosing Parenthood Without Marriage and Creating the New American Family" by Rosanna Hertz
With the move towards gender equality and more women getting educated, starting a career life, climbing up the business ladder, and delaying marriage and starting a family, there are more SWANS now than ever, and will keep increasing unless men drop some old-fashioned attitudes about age, fertility and exterior beauty.
by Necromancer44 May 27, 2007
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