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Mecca-Cola is a rip off of Coca-Cola.

Mecca-Cola much like most Moslem, Muslim or Islamic customs, it is considered a normal practise to plagiarise, steal or rape other people’s ideas and products for their own benefit. Please see The Prophet Muhammad.

Mecca-Cola is a typical product targeted around Muslim hate. Yes you to can hate America, The Jews and anyone else who has managed to achieve wealth by buying a can of Mecca-Cola.

French Muslim Entrepreneur Mr. Mathlouthi a Muslim came up with an idea of Mecca-Cola to cash in on anti-American and Anti-Jew sentiment from around the world by ripping off Coca-Cola.

Mr. Mathlouthi justifies ripping off Coca-Cola by of course using Islam as an excuse. Naturally when you buy Mecca-Cola money goes towards Muslim interests in destroying Jerusalem, America and other nations that do not support Islam. Please see Communism and Religion, then mix them together and you got Islam.

The word Mecca in Mecca-Cola is focused around the holiest city of Islam located in Saudi Arabia.
The Muslim thought it was a great idea to steal Coca-Cola from The Jews and try and make it their own by changing it to Mecca-Cola. Please see The Prophet Muhammad.

It was a total dogs act that not only the Muslims stole our Christian Bible but now are stealing our Coke to fund terrorism! Fucking shit eating pig fuckers!!!
by The Moody Poet August 11, 2006
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The idea of Mecca-Cola came about in the 21-century by Muslim entrepreneurs and was made feasible by the widespread anti-American and anti-Israeli sentiment created after the beginning of the first Intifada (Palestinian uprising) and before, and during the war on Iraq. It was also made feasible by the widespread boycotts against American icons like Coca-cola and McDonalds (which has hundreds of chains in Saudi Arabia alone), due to the belief that a percentage of their profit was being donated to Israel (because they believed they were "Jewish-owned", or "Christian Zionist-owned", which in turn would use it for military purposes against the Palestinians.
An illustration which was very popular in the Arab world at one time had pictures of various American products with the price next to it and a calculation of the number of bullets it can buy, read: Palestinian child killed. This illustration, amongst other solgans, helped fuel the boycott of American products, and the idea of Mecca Cola, as well as other various named Colas, and word plays on Fanta, Seven Up, Miranda, etc, that allude to Arabic or Islamic culture.
There are countless Mecca-Cola wanabees, although none, not even Mecca-Cola, can hold any comparison to the popularity of Coca-Cola and Pepsi in the Arab world. If anything, Arabs have a very short memory.
by Necromancer44 October 19, 2006
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