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A promiscuous fat bitch with low self-esteem who allows pretty much any guy to stick their dick all up in her lard and fuck it. A hulled-out fucklard takes on the unique distinction of being referred to as an inanimate object rather than a person with a name. This phenomenon is what makes a seasoned fucklard so easy to bone since you don't need small talk or even an introduction to use something that is just laying around any way. Being inanimate also makes a fucklard easier to find since it will be wherever you left it; you can simply stow one away in a bedroom for use as a cum dumpster at a house party and rest assured it will make no attempt to join the party, (it's an object, right?) and no attempt to reject a random penis from plunging boldly into its greasy lard holes and administering a vaginal beatdown.
Wazup, bro? I'm not trying to tell you how to use your fucklard, but after roughly 30 guys used it last night, you may want to clean it out before using it again. I have a pressure washer you can borrow, if you want; there's plenty of room in there to use it.
by NealTNT December 10, 2010
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