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Dirty Old Man Moment

An acronym for when someone (usually a male but not always) views a scene or event with the mindset of creating sexual excitement in their mind and/or body, with the intent of lusting after the person(s) involved in the scene or incident
Her: That dress is so tight it looks like she was poured into it!

Him: What? I didn't hear you, I was having a DOMM fantasy thinking who's going to peel it off of her
by NaughtyNurse27 November 9, 2017
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Donald Trump
A braggart, trumpeter, windbag, blowhard, a duplicate of Cliff Claven the fictional postal worker on the TV show Cheers played by the actor John Ratzenberger as the bar's obnoxious know-it-all character who was so delusional he believed his own incessant lies and bullshit stories
That guy is the DT braggadocio of this crowd. He doesn't care about truth, he thinks if he says it, that's enough to make it a reality, at least in his mind, even when he's describing his own reckless careless vulgarian behavior.
by NaughtyNurse27 December 12, 2017
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