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Nova Scotia is an Eastern Canadian province. It boasts some the most beautiful scenery in all of Canada. Nova Scotia is the place to go if you want to experience nature, an abundance of wildlife and a place that has not been tainted by the "big city" mentality that so much of our world seems to have these days. Don't listen to these other obviously mean-spirited individuals on this site, Nova Scotian's are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet and they welcome visitors with open arms. Nova Scotia is also known for its fishing communities, quality restaurants, and thriving nightlife. If you do your research and plan your trip well you will have the time of your life in Nova Scotia and I guarantee you, you will not want to leave.
The comment about elderly people visiting Nova Scotia is true but it is not because Nova Scotia is not worth seeing...it is because they know from experience and wisdom what alot of people do not, Nova Scotia is a true gem...and that is that.
Nova Scotia, Canada Part of the Maritimes and the Atlantic Provinces
by NaturalBeauty1111 June 07, 2007

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