4 definitions by Nathanthomas

A brincovenueau is a tiny little shit, who starts on bigger boys and gets fucked up every time.
"He's such a Brincovenueau fam"
by Nathanthomas May 23, 2016
When you let someone borrow something, because they have fuck to do.
"Lash me some sweets nigga"
by Nathanthomas May 18, 2016
Some slutty little bitch who dances on a pole, day and night. Loves getting dollars slapped on her. Can go and fuck herself.
"Shut up you Kelcey"
by Nathanthomas May 23, 2016
A weak male who stutters in every sentence and buys instagram followers because they're not popular.
He's a fucking wekum
by Nathanthomas May 5, 2016