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smo-KRAS-tin-ATE: v; to delay entry through a doorway for the purpose of getting one last puff on a cigarette. The resulting puff is somewhat longer than usual and typically results in a
Must people smocrastinate when it's below zero outside? I thought we'd never get in. Jeez, I'm a smoker and I hate those people.
by Nathan G. Baldwin February 14, 2006

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FEEND-FIND-er: n; a large, fragrant cloud of cigarette smoke exhaled into an entry way by someone who is has just smocrastinated. The cloud is normally signifigant enough to cause any smoker inside the building to want a cigarette, hence its locating ability. See also Smocrastinate.
I caught a whiff of a fiendfinder about ten o'clock and it's been driving me nuts ever since. I can't wait for lunch so I can go outside.
by Nathan G. Baldwin February 14, 2006

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Nasty, Ugly, and Fat all in one.
Man, that girl be nastuglifat.
by Nathan G. Baldwin June 01, 2005

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A common conjuction formed by combining the words "flying" and "fuck". Commonly employed in an attempt to demonstrate that the subject matter at hand bears so little consequence as not even to merit fully stating one's opinion.
"how about those red sox?"
" Dunno. They could win the world series and I wouldn't give a fluck"
by Nathan G. Baldwin August 01, 2005

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