4 definitions by Naterz

The first person to act in a betting round of poker.
I was under the gun with a pair of jacks.
by Naterz September 27, 2005
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adj. one long insult compressed into one word: Man U R So FUcking STupid
Ugh, you are mursofust. OR; murs0fust = yu0
by Naterz January 28, 2003
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The little glimpse of a girls butt crack when she is wearing very low rise jeans. This is only the case when she is not wearing panties. Wearing panties makes it a panty wink.
She leaned over the counter and gave me a butt wink.
by Naterz October 6, 2005
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When a girls low-rise jeans allow you a glimpse of the top of her panties. If she is not wearing panties and you actually see the top of her ass crack, this is a butt or ass wink.
She gave me a panty wink when she reached for the top shelf. It was a nice pink, t-string panty wink, to.
by Naterz October 6, 2005
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