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When a man ejaculates on a sleeping person's closed eyes, causing a thick crust over the eyes which can be difficult for the sleeping person to remove upon awakening.
Well she wouldn't blow me for our anniversary so I figured I'd deploy the sleepy batman during her REM cycle.
by Nasty Marloins March 02, 2011

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When a man takes his penis and places the tip of it flush against the nostrils of his partner, then proceeds to ejaculate into his partner's nose.
That girl thought she was just getting your average facial, but little did she know I was about to perform the Norwegian Snorkeler
by Nasty Marloins February 11, 2011

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When a man ejaculates into his partners mouth and then his partner briefly sucks on his testicles with the semen still in their mouth. Thus producing a glazed look on the man's testicles.
So the other night Marge gave me a glazed bismarck and it took me around an hour to clean off my crusty ball hairs.
by Nasty Marloins February 11, 2011

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