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It's cleveland, OH.

My home town................
While in school at ISU

Guy in Ames, IA:"Where are you from?"
Me: "c town baby, where u from?"
Guy: "What?!"
Me: "Nevermind, (lol)I'm from Cleveland..."
Guy: "Ohhhhhhh, I'm from Pella..."
Me: "Where?!, oh nevemind, I know, middle of nowhere."
by Nasia November 20, 2006
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It's when you run out of resources to cope with usually some sort of emotional pain and you begin to cut oneself.

This emotional pain may come on from any form of abuse, trauma, depression, or many of other unknown reasons. The cutting can be done just about anywhere on the body, but is usually on the wrists. Cutting is done with some sort of sharp object (i.e. knives, blades, razors, etc.)and is not usually broadcasted.

Cutters usually don't cut in the atempt of suicide, they are usually cutting to get rid of some other sort of pain by the adrenaline endorphins that come when cutting. Cutters are usually ashamed of this and will not "show it off."

Cutting can become addicting. This is because it is a quick way out of whatever may be causing the cutter pain. If it is depression, which is a disease, it may become harmful in the long run, but it just can't be turned off so easy.
Friend: "Most people that cut their wrist do it because they want attention or want to die."

Me: "That's not always true, most of the time you wouldn't even know if someone was cutting their wrists..."
Friend:"I'm just saying, they could cut their leg or something if they really just wanted to cut."
Me: " Well listen, I've cut before and it was because it helped me deal...not because I wanted attention...no one ever knew because I covered it up pretty well and I didn't want to die!"
by Nasia November 20, 2006
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Not the same as roling your eyes.

v. To give a look of disgust and disappointment or disapproval.

Teacher:"Don't cut you eyes at me Deonte."
Deonte: "Ain't nobody in here cut-eye, chillout"
by Nasia November 20, 2006
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