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A midnight promise is broken by the dawn.
An empty promise, with no intention of keeping it.
Words spoken to impress or persuade an audience with nothing to support them.
He made several midnight promises, but he told his friends what his girlfriend did for him.

His midnight promise was broken, when he left town, after he found out his girlfriend was pregnant.

The custody agreement, was regarded as a midnight promise, when my ex left town with the kids, without giving notice.
by Nards OTC August 10, 2007
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A metaphor for any sexual preference you care to enjoy
Hey Babe, pour some sugar on me.

Sorry I wasn't in last night, bit I had some sugar poured on me.
by Nards OTC August 11, 2007
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A person, usually male, with multiple partners.
A player, or not.
You shave off a read beard and become a blue beard.

I dumped his sorry arse after I found out he was a blue beard.
by Nards OTC August 11, 2007
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