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1)An American whom lives in Taylor, Michigan. These smelly toothless bastards can be identified by their love for nascar, driving rusted out 1987 chevy pick-up trucks, owning more guns than the united states army, have lots of young children whom never seem to grow up, jobless, woman beating, and all around racist waste breathing up my air.

2) one whom fucks there cousin
jesus, mary the taylor trash parked his pick-up on the lawn agian.
by nakedindian August 19, 2006
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Nympho is short for Nympholist. Nympholist is a noun that describes a person who uses the website Nympholist. A person that is a Nympholist or a nympho is a person who enjoys casual sex with one or many partners whom they find on the Nympholist website.
You used the Nympholist website to invite people to your BDSM party, then you must be nympho.
by NakedIndian February 02, 2012
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