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A thing, idea, or whatever that is done/used only because other people do it. Douche fad is used as a negative term, because it implies that people that are part of a douche fad cannot think for themselves or be themselves.

If you see a lot of people doing one thing that really annoys you, and can see that if only one person did it it would make that person look like a total idiot, it is probably a douche fad.

Understand that not all fads are douche fads. "That's what she said" is not because if used properly, it is genuinely funny. Other fads are cool too.
Examples of douche fads include:

Wearing your pants so low your boxers/thong is showing

Using overly used words like "awkward" (<--especially when it is misused) and "creeper". "Ignorant" also fits into this category

Doing the cool walk
by NJBoyy January 31, 2009
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When you want to search something on Google and have it open, you are distracted by something and forget what you wanted to search.

Also on Urban Dictionary, when before you search a word you are distracted by the word of the day and completely forget the one you wanted to search. A cure for this is to type the word into the search bar before reading the word of the day.
"Hmm, what does gooch mean? I'll look it up on UD. Oh, what's this, the word of the day? Dang I forget what I wanted to look up!"

-Person suffering from Google amnesia
by NJBoyy January 31, 2009
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A type of walk that cocky douchebags that think they are cool and hot stuff always do. The movement of the cool walk is almost indescribable and may variate from doucheturd to doucheturd, but it is easily recognizable; if you saw it you would know it.

The key to the cool walk is that they are self-conscious about it. They purposely do it as a way to show how cool they are, but they don't recognize that it makes them look like a douchehole.
Doucheface walking down the hallway, obviously doing a cool walk: Shit dude, did you do that study guide? Shit. Fuck. I need to do it. Fuck.

Kid looking at this scene: I'm embarrassed to just look at this douchefuck.
by NJBoyy January 31, 2009
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