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The Billy penis; known to have super human power. Said to cause ordinary woman, with no known mental conditions, to fall in love and transcend into a hypnotic yet dangerous state of psychosis.
She used to be such a sweet and nice girl until she caught the Billipeniss. Billipeniss is said to be the cause of her rage and scary outbursts.
by NICKIhustledicks July 30, 2020
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Termed first originated in the highland hills region of ft worth In the rolling plains of Texas. First uttered by the infamous King Kango the one and only. OG gangsta/izzle Pimpin at its finest. Finesse pimp. “That part” used to express how things really are, simply put referring to the way it is. Big facts. No if’s ands or butts. Final state of being.
The izzle made her quit the intravenous method for drug use because it affected her beauty as a whole. Her hair indeed was more illustrious and her skin was smooth and as clear and the instructions that her Da
ddy gave her. The izzle was right as usual. That part!

Every dude longed to be in his shoes and every bitch wished they were her they are the perfect pair. The finest example of a king and his Queen. An Izzle and his bottom. Yea that part. Fuck you mean.
by NICKIhustledicks June 20, 2021
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