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literally a corpse that is stuck on the ceiling. usually looks like the corpse fell towards the ceiling instead of the ground.
Jeff felt a drip on his shoulder. He looked up to find a ceiling corpse there, as if it had died and fallen up instead of down.
by NDL June 28, 2006

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Houstonian term for the rich, upper-class whites living outside of Loop 610. Based off of the Suburbian Houston area code 281 (as opposed to the inner city area code 713). This does not necessarily imply that everyone with the area code 281 is a stuck up rich person.
"Hey, I'm heading down to see some friends in Sugar Land. Want to meet them?"

"Nah, there are too many 281ers living down there."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I am tired of hanging out with all these stuck up rich kids!"
by NDL March 22, 2007

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