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That chick has CRUSTY TUNA between her legs. ;
Her vagina doesn't STINK like (CRUSTY TUNA ) IT STUNK like CRUSTY TUNA

Someone toss her some douche , she smelled like CRUSTY TUNA
If she smells like CRUSTY TUNA don't touch it she needs a pap smear!!!
by ND&DR June 25, 2018

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A female ready to give a blow job . her mouth looks like a bass gasping for air when you pull it out of the water.
Bro is she bassing you again .
She is bassing my dick tonight .
by ND&DR April 24, 2018

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some one ,acting like they are a doctor providing a professional opinion with not valid back ground of degree of study's.

Provides medical advice , with out a degree , not a medical doctor , no education or medical knowledge or study . , an impostor , a unlicensed medical advisor , not a nurse, or anyone of any study of a medical assistant or any thing in or to do with the area of medical .... what so ever!
Dude , your not a doctor ...dont try to ReDoctine me about my medical condition . I need a real medical evaluation from a real medical licence doctor , not a impostor . your not even a practitioner, not a provider, not a specialist and sure dont have a master's or PhD . Some 1 who has no legal insite or experience in medical field! just some one giving there opinion . DONT TRY TO ReDoctrine me about a illness. or , evaluate my condition . your not a professional !
by ND&DR May 12, 2021

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when a man is slamming in to her vagina , balls deep and hitting it hard ,like doggy style extremely ruff and ramming his cock , fast, hard ,and as deep as possible .
OMG! Eric , ouch ! Stop ballzing my vagina like that !!!! ...It hurts , when you do that . Take it easy please. Relax your self , you splitting me apart quit BALLZING ME
by ND&DR May 12, 2021

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a man that gives a woman really great sex...and has a huge cock... that is very satisfying .. that's makes other guys feel small when he is present he makes the guys feel like a mushroom !
Eric's the big KAHUNA ... did you here how that guys speaks! Nicole : yeah this morning I did, he was praising how "his big balls were slapping against my ass !

so he been named "the big KAHUNA" because he can dive deep , and there nothing anyone can say ....he is surfing my waves like a BIG KAHUNA EVERYDAY .
by ND&DR April 18, 2021

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