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When you think of the worst person you have ever met, and ever could meet - a Hattie is this - X100.

A Hattie epitomises the very reason why people commit suicide. Hatties have a genuine talent in sucking all life and happiness out of people and the world. THE ABSOLUTE PITS.

What usually happens with a Hatty is the development of a new "best friend" relationship, miraculously formed over the period of a few hours. With time, unfortunately, comes the realisation that one has thrust themselves head first into the ABYSS, with the constant fear of being referred to as 'Hattie's' friend.

If you want to make friends with someone so desperate for love and affection, get a fucking dog.
"That girl is UNBELIEVABLY annoying and won't leave me alone now! JESUS!"

- "Yeah I know mate, she's a complete Hattie."
by NBW May 07, 2009
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