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To push ones testicles to their backside, then press their bare ass and testicles against a plane of glass, squishing the testes against the glass, thus resembling a pressed ham and eggs.
Johnny served all of us a Pressed Ham and Eggs for breakfast from his RV Sunday.
by NASA_CRX May 20, 2008

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Someone who wears shorts that are too short and socks that are too tall. Almost always a white guy who works out, or thinks they are in shape.
I had to leave the library after Johnny Tallsocks sat down next to me.
by NASA_CRX May 20, 2008

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When you shit yourself while racing in a motorsports event.
Renan thought for sure he was going to flip when he went off in Turn 9, but he collected it and kept racing, only to have to pull off the next lap for a brown flag.
by NASA_CRX May 22, 2008

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