9 definitions by N Jacobs

A hot alternative or punk girl. Tattoos and piercings are key.
Remember that alterna-muffin we met at the Blink concert last weeekend? Yeah, I tapped that!
by N Jacobs August 24, 2004
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Stimulating the woman's clitoris.

(Playing with her clit.)
If you roll the bean right, she will let you throw it in on the first date.
by N Jacobs July 26, 2004
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Man, I've got to work early tomorrow. I think I'm going to pull out.
by N Jacobs June 23, 2004
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To leave a function without telling anyone you are leaving.
Has anyone seen Lewis? He must have slipped out.
by N Jacobs June 23, 2004
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A girl without a single straight tooth in her smile. Her teeth are crooked like a dogs hind leg and usually spaced pretty far apart. At least one or more of the front snaggleteeth are usually missing.
Damn, did you see that chick's grill. She's a fuckin snaggletooth tiger.
by N Jacobs July 13, 2004
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When a girl grabs the back of your head and buries your face inside her tits.
I love going to the strip clubs for some titty tacos.
by N Jacobs June 23, 2004
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