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Is an unwed woman who sleeps with a man and gets pregnant.
" Im not married to Darnell, but he got me pregnant. I cant stand him, so now i am just his baby mama."

Mike: "Who the hell was that? She got a phat ass! Is that yo girl?"

John: "Naw, bro. Thats just my baby mama".

by Mz_Selena February 29, 2008

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A talented rap artist who would beat the crap out of 75%-95% of these idiots asses on this site that are talking sh*t about him . You do not know what the hell you are talking about and you are a hater.
"It's easy to see when you look at me
If you look closely, 50 don't BACK DOWN
Everywhere I go both coasts wit toast
Eastside, Westside, I hold that MACK DOWN
Every little nigga you see around me
Hold a gun big enough to fuckin hold SHAQ DOWN
Next time you in the hood and see an ol G
You ask about me, the young boy don't BACK DOWN"

-50 cent Get Rich or Die Tryin'
by Mz_Selena March 31, 2008

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