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When someone assumes that just because you are gay, you want something "different" from what you asked for.
My gay cousin stepped into a cab and asked to go to 129th st, the cabbie took him to 29th street.

He was a victim of gacial profiling.
by Muzzikmann November 03, 2010

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A group of people who are capable of naming all thirteen doctors in the Doctor Who series. Similar to a Whovian, a Whoonie is way cooler and not as nerdy.
My friend is a total whovian for Dr Who, I like the series a lot, but not so nerdy about it, in a whoonie
by Muzzikmann August 19, 2014

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My second made up word from my high school days.

Fushibit's definition is this;

Anything you want it to mean at the time of it's use.
Me; Hey baby let's Fushibit

Her; Ummm well, I can't tonight I got to Fushibit my hair
by Muzzikmann May 25, 2009

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