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Bunny or Bunnies is the term used commonly these days aimed at people (boys and girls) who try their hardest to be cool, gangsta, hard, heavy, unbreakable and prety much apart of the scene. However they fail miseralby because their efforts made are entirely evident. Boys would usually wear $100 (bear in mind) fake jeans or pants even more expensive polo shirts from myer with the collar up hair cut like a mohawk and gelled heavily, wear nice but yet again expensive white casual shoes and also act like their heavy by using words like "whats peaking bro". "lets get smashed at a drink-up m8" or " you should see my fully sick vn with the statesman rims its fully hectic brooo!". These people also happen to be disliked or hated by others because they dont act as normally as their peers freinds family etc. For nobody likes a bunny!!!!
Bunny1: Hey bro you should see my fully hectic vs calais 5 litre bro.
Bunny1s freind out of pity: Its a 3.8 litre u bunny

Bunny2: Bro this party at the park is peaking m8!!
Gangstas: This is no party its a punch-on and ur our victim!!!

Bunny3: I went clubbin on saturday night and picked up this hot chick bro!
The one about to bash bunny3: That chick is my missus cunt!!
by Muraaa June 11, 2007
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