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This is the opening phrase to indicate that a fictitious story is to follow.
Girlfriend: Oh no you didn't, what is all that white stuff on your boxers... ain't from me brotha!
Lying ass nigga: What had happened was there was a fire at the club and the white stuff that come out the fire extingisher got all my boxers... cus you know baby, I sag a little bit. Then I was tryna get home to you cus I didn't wanna be out all night... and then I didn't have time to wash my boxers off.
by MrsMcGhee2Your January 11, 2013
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Drugs that have other additives to falsify the weight. Which results in the drug weighing more. The druggies will believe that the drug is a pure form of the drug and believe they are paying for the weight of the drug however, the sneaky drug dealer has added other substances to increase weight.
Advertisement: Don't buy from all the other guys who sell you stepped on drugs... buy from your local corner manager... we sell you nothing but the purest quality.
by MrsMcGhee2Your January 09, 2013
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