4 definitions by Mrmcchicken

When you can't decide which llama to ride...
I was going to ride llamas the other day, but I couldn't decide between the ginger and the spotted one. I had a dillama.
by Mrmcchicken January 11, 2011
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The way socked feet look after spending time in flip flops.
Didn't have time to put on shoes this morning, guess I'll have Ninja Turtle Feet for the rest of the day.
by Mrmcchicken February 5, 2012
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Three hickeys that overlap in such a way that they form the shape of Mickey Mouse's head.
What is that, did you just get attacked by a vampire with a harelip?
No, its just a hickey mouse.
by Mrmcchicken July 5, 2011
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The tan one gets after wearing crocs in the sun for an extended period of time.
Before wearing crocs, it is important to apply sunscreen to the feet, in order to avoid croc tan.
by Mrmcchicken July 5, 2011
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