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A corsa, nova, saxo or some other crappy little shopping car that has had a shite body kit super glued to it. Usually driven by a pimply little prick with less driving talent than my nan.
Chavmobiles must have at least one body pannel in grey undercoat because the owners (chavtards) ran out of money after spending it all on white lightning cider and copies of "lacks power" magazine.
Many hours of fun can be had standing by a high speed bump watching these muppets shatter their ludicrously low front spoilers.
also known for their ability to accelerate flat out in a straight line before shitting themselves at the first sign of a corner.
Chavmobile accessories include.
1) an exhaust you can fit your head in connected to a 1.1Ltr engine.

2) A bin lid sized sub woofer making the obligatory elephant flatulence noise.

3)Twatty blue L.E.D's on every available surface.

4)Underlighting, making it look like they ran over a sunbed.

5) Alloy wheels worth 3 times the value of the car.

6) An imaginative use of airfix paint to "customize" the dashboard.

P.S running all of these accessories uses up about 80% of the available engine power.
by Mrflibble December 20, 2006
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Every generation has its kev car. in the 80's it was the mk2 escort, then the nova, corsa, saxo and now thanks to the influence of the film "the fast and the furious" (or "to daft to be serious" as I like to call it) it seems to be the Honda civic.
Almost always D.I.Y modified deathtraps driven by retards.
A kid i was at college with had a kev car that he had to drive with the bonnet proped open to stop the engine overheating. He changed the engine from a 1.1 to a 2Ltr but didn't have enough room to change the radiator....Fucktard!!!
by MrFlibble December 20, 2006
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also see chavmobile, kev car
an excerpt from the T.V drama "Twatman and Kevin scrounge off the state"

I'm out of cash Kevin, hang on, what date is it?

Holy Giros Twatman its benefits day, we can get some cider and an 8th of skunk.

Quick kevin, to the Twatmoblie.

by Mrflibble December 20, 2006
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