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The only truly successful American Idol contestant who must maintain ambiguity for fear of losing his hardcore fanbase of homophobic fundamentalist Christian females who don’t realize his performances are meant to be done in drag.
Clay Aiken fans like to lie to themeselves
by MrWall August 27, 2007

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acronym for "Big Beautiful Women" but in all reality it's saying that obesity is supposed to be sexy when it's just disgusting
being 5'4" and 380lbs is not BBW it's fucking obese
by MrWall August 22, 2007

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Persuading people to support a politician or initiative through the use of catchphrases, broad/short statements or simply selling the idea that people need to belong to a political party while depending on the target audience laziness not to do any actual research to see if the politician or initiative has any outstanding flaws that will burn them.

The frenzy increases around elections and can be easily spotted in message boards when people try to turn any news article into a political statement even if it really has nothing to do with politics.
Do you really think your Beliefs are in jeopardy depending on who is in office? You need to stop buying into the bumper sticker politics you see on the road and actually read unbiased articles instead.
by MrWall August 23, 2012

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a person who lives far enough away from the nearest major city that traveling to the city has to be a planned event usually taking up a full day. They can be easily picked out in a crowd for the simple fact that they're the ones who act extra retarded thinking that it's the way people who actually live in the city act.
Only daytrippers party downtown on new years eve
by MrWall July 11, 2007

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one of many push button DJ's that have fooled people into confusing his IT skills for actual DJing
I don't listen to Skrillex, I prefer real DJ's that use vinyl
by MrWall October 13, 2012

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