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Beer pong consists of ten cups (and two water cups), two balls, a table, and two teams of two people. The concept is pretty obvious of course, but the rules are based off whatever the host of the party wants them to be. No exceptions. Here is a list of possible rules.

Rodeo- When one team shoots, misses, and gets the ball back, at the end of their turn they get a chance to make a cup by throwing it behind their back. This is worth two cups if made

Death Cup- If one team makes a cup and the opposing team fails to remove said cup from the table, and the other team makes the same cup in question again, this is Death Cup and the opposing team looses and drinks all the cups on the table. (see recycle)

Recycle- This is when the winning team chooses to recycle their alcohol for the next game, even if death cup happens, because they do not want to share it with the opposing team.

Both Balls Same Cup- This can either be worth 3 cups and balls back to the team who made them, or 2 cups and balls back, host's choice

Rerack- There can either be one or two reracks, host's choice.

Air Ball- The team that Air Balls drinks one cup of opposing team's choosing, unless it is the final cup

Automatic I- If there are only two cups remaining, the team can use the Automatic I rule to straighten them up.

No Shooting While Drinking- If a shot is made while the opposite team is clearly drinking and has no way of knowing the game is on, the shot is canceled.
Cory: You playing beer pong at Orey's tonight?

Greg: Yeah man, but i need to know his house rules so i can keep up with what is cool and whats not.

Cory: Yeah man, he will hit us up with the essentials.
by Mr.Party April 22, 2010
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The crunk creeper is a creeper who constantly pursues booze that is not theirs in an attempt to make it so. The crunk creeper always is lingering around the refrigerator and/or ice chest in pursuit of fellow party dweller's booze. The crunk creeper will almost always deny the theft of the booze in question, and then dismiss the statement with the notion that there is a party going on.
*Crunk creeper takes beer out of fridge*

Tucker: What in the Sam Hill Fuck do you think you are doing man?

Crunk Creeper: Just gettin' a beer, whatdya mean man its a party?

Tucker: Crunk creeping bastards.
by Mr.Party April 22, 2010
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To post up is to lean against a wall, table, refrigerator, countertop, and in some extreme cases holding on to the ceiling, or any other convenient surface so that you do not fall down after consuming massive amounts of alcohol. Not only does this allow for a misconception of exactly how drunk you are, but it also makes a viable applicant for the next game of beer pong.
Dude 1: "There ya go Verser, post up. Don't let em' know how drunk you are."
Dude 2: "Is Verser posted up on the ceiling? Jesus H. Christ he has got swag!"
Dude 3: "I got Verser next beer pong game!"
by Mr.Party April 13, 2010
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A phrase yelled by a person who has just had their entire world destroyed, figuratively of course. Commonly, My World! is yelled when another person directly causes this indiscretion.
Cory: Ok Matt, just one more cup and we go undeafeated at beer pong tonight.

*Tommy sneeks in a bounce to win the game*

Matt: MY WORLD!!!
by Mr.Party April 16, 2010
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Booze is the lifeblood of the party, and Mr.Party himself for that matter. Without it, the party is no more. This is not the case with music, womenz, and drinking games. While these are vital factors to any successful party, they compare nothing to the importance of the booze. Booze comes in many flavors and styles, and is almost always guaranteed to be in short supply at any festivities that you plan to attend; so don’t be a dick, bring your own shit.
Greg: Man this party is the shit, but the booze is looking a bit on the light side. Anybody touches my patron they are getting an ass beating.

Kid that shouldn't be there: Hey man! Give me some of that vodka you got Greg!!!

Greg: It is tequila dickhead, and find your own booze. Damn crunk creepers.
by Mr.Party April 22, 2010
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The warm feeling one has despite weather conditions while being intoxicated. This allows one to able to forget their hoodie, go topless to a freezing cold sporting event, freely go streaking, and other desirable acts that involve little clothing.
Bro-Smo: Dude it is balls cold out here, why do you have a t-shirt on?

Mike: Man I got my booze blanket on, im about to take this frickin' shirt off.

Bro-Smo: Didn't think about it, post up while I get some beer for my booze blanket.
by Mr.Party April 22, 2010
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