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A primed cannon is when a man's penis is erect and sticking out of the fly/waistband of his underwear/pants, but his balls are not. Can almost be considered the opposite of pitching a tent.

The primed cannon sticks out of the ship, but the balls and seamen are safely stowed inside.
"My dad walked in on me in the bathroom this morning."

"Agh, gross."

"What's even worse is he didn't seem to notice his morning wood was a primed cannon..."
by Mr. Whim September 08, 2009
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Refers to the "grass" brush templates included with later versions of Adobe Photoshop, which allow lazy users to wave their mouses and create fields of lush grass with next to no effort. Has practically become a requisite in bad fanart that takes place outdoors.
"I finished my drawing of Edward Cullen and Spike making out in a field!"
"Gah, my eyes! The Failgrass, it's everywhere!"
by Mr. Whim May 30, 2009
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a term used for female-on-female homosexuality, used by the elderly who are uncomfortable with the idea. practitioners of lesbozism are known as lesbazoos.
i had to work very hard to be open with my daughter about her, um, lesbozism.
by Mr. Whim February 27, 2009
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Used to describe some skill or ability that one excels in.

Originally coined by Ralph Wiggum of the Simpsons, saying "Sleep! That's where I'm a viking!" While obviously meaning that he is a viking in his dream, it has been reinterpreted by nerds to mean that Ralph excels at sleep, and describes himself as a "viking" in that field.

Most often used by Dungeons and Dragons nerds to describe a particularly high stat.
by Mr. Whim June 27, 2009
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