10 definition by Mr Munchkins

When people play loud music off their phone as they are walking along the street/sitting on a bus. Quite annoying really.
That guy with baggy jeans and baseball cap was playing a personal soundtrack of drum & bass off his phone as he passed me in the street. Hasn't he ever heard of headphones?
by Mr Munchkins March 03, 2008

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Japanese - 'To crush the eyes'.

Ninja tactic of creating havoc for the enemy by temporarily or permanently blinding them with powdered substances, leaving them vulnerable to a counter-attack.
"Prepare to die, ninja...OWW CAN'T SEE!! OH GOD I CAN'T SEE!!"
by Mr Munchkins August 21, 2005

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When someone is no longer cool. They may have been cool once, but age catches up with them. They no longer listen to Ferry Corsten, instead they prefer Eric Clapton.
My parents are cool entropy.
by Mr Munchkins March 11, 2008

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