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The definition of "masterpiece." Jethro Tull's definitive progressive rock concept album. The whole album is one 45-minute long song. The lyrics appear to have some deep hidden meaning on the surface, but delving deeper, they are actually satirical, done with Monty-Python style humor. The music is complex, seemless, moving, and is undefinable to just one genre.
The mainstream can go listen to their H.I.M., 50 Cent, beyonce, or my chemical romance. That's their choice (a choice that's "thick as a brick" indeed). I'll go listen to some REAL music... (puts on some Jethro Tull)
by Morningwood February 13, 2007
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a variety of fecal matter that has chunks of partially-digested corn in it, made popular by the name of one of Mr. Hanky's "nuggets" from South Park.
-keep pushing!
-I'm pushing as hard as I can!
-here, I see the head!
-It's coming!
-Aw Man, it's not mr. hanky, it's just Cornelius...
by Morningwood February 3, 2007
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