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Lil' Wayne

A 26 year old child with ADHD. Has a big ego, even bigger imagination, and an even bigger love for "Baby" AKA birdman AKA "dad". Wrote a lot of imaginative but crazy poems in special ed for his mom, which are now songs by him.
One day in 6th grade, Lil' Wayne came home from school on the short bus, and he showed his mother the poem he wrote for her in special ed. "I can mingle with the stars... and throw a party... on mars". She read it, put it on the fridge in front of his face, but when he left to "go number 2", she took it down and threw it in the trash. But Lil' Wayne had forgotten toilet paper and came back to get some and he saw what his mother had done. He went to sleep in the toilet that night.

The next day he finds himself alone, because he was a loner and had no friends. So he goes to a burger joint but gets beat up outside, the owner sees and offers him a free burger. He goes home crying, but a little happy. When he gets there, he finds his stepfather's gun and decides to end himself. But he's too stupid to shoot himself in the head so he shoots himself in the stomach and then realizes he's not THAT stupid to not feel pain. So he calls the cops, they save him. He gets a record deal, mom won't allow it, but he takes it up at 14 and starts his crap career (think I'm lying? google Lil' Wayne shot himself, actually google all you can about him).

Him and Birdman are fucking low key. Well birdman tries to keep it discreet but Lil' Wayne just throws it out there. "Weezy F baby" (Weezy fuckin' baby. The "F" was meant to be a "+" under the tree they first made out under but you know, Lil' Wayne can't spell, let alone carve, so they just ran with it).

Ladies and gentlemen, your favorite rapper!
by Montana Trax August 19, 2010

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Combination of two words: pussy and lies. A traitin' ass muhfucka.
Kyle: Damn dude, that little scrawny ass 5'6", 130 pound dude just said he could beat your ass any day with both arms and one leg tied behind his back.

Robert: Who? Ah man, that guy that's been saying that for over a month now? what a plies.
by Montana Trax August 19, 2010

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