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one who is against America and the American people - nowadays synonymous with 'American' (like flammable and inflammable)
that guy is an anti-American
by Monkey_Guy September 14, 2004
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To enter/exit a chair/stool etc. from above - usually accompanied by the Thunderbirds theme tune.
There was no space to move - so James had to Thunderbird into his chair.
by Monkey_Guy September 14, 2004
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A character from the Street Fighter gaming series, however in the USA and England he is known as Vega.
Now, without trying to be complicated:
The boxer (Balrog in USA) was originally known as M. Bison (Mike Bison - geddit?) however owing to legal issues, his name was swapped with Balrog's, however M. Bison is a silly name for a prancy Spanish man, therefore his name was in turn swapped with Vega (M. Bison in USA, the man in red.)
And that's who Balrog really is.
Err... Balrog...
by Monkey_Guy April 29, 2004
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