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verb, chlocialisum ~ kat-buś ~ To “catbus” is to drive a vehicle on two wheels for an extended distance.

Origin: crica 2018, from the Powerwheels Racing Series team Pumping Station 1 (PS1) kart “Catbus” modeled after the Studio Guibly movie. The kart was notorious for its stunts while racing, including driving on two wheels for long periods of time.
“Wow, that was such a cool race! Did you see that kart catbus around that hairpin!”
by Monessxd March 09, 2019

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Verb, colloquialism ~ dáne ~ To “dane” is to exit one's vehicle rapidly during a turn or other high speed maneuver. Distinct from "do a barrel roll" as the driver does not complete the maneuver inside the vehicle. (As defined by Jen Harchenroeder, PRS 2019)

Origin: circa 2018 from the Powerwheels Racing Series (PRS) where competitor Dane Kouttron raced. He was notorious for exicuting the maneuver, which was then named after him and became a phrase used by PRS as a whole.
That’s the kind of injury that happens when you dane to the left like that.
by Monessxd March 11, 2019

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