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The most wonderfully witty and gracefully intelligent beauty alive. Nigella is my both intelligent and gorgeous daughter! Everyone loves her beautiful bright smile, her carasmatic walk and sparkling eyes. She's my Jellybean and she makes the world a better place. Mommy and Daddy love you Nigella~Gilly "J-illy" Jelly Bean! :) Muah xoxo
2 people in the wold with the name Nigella = Our 5 month old baby beauty and famous world renound chef and drop dead gorgeous Nigella Lawson :)
by Mommyness November 30, 2013

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When a good tv series runs out of ideas and stars running episodes based on bible scripture using nonsensical fantasized overdramatical scenes with profits, Angels and radical spiritual ideals.
This show was awesome until it became Religidiculous.
by Mommyness March 15, 2016

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