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Acronym for “Anti-Self Defense Movement” (ASDM): This encompasses gun control advocates gun grabbers or any person who advocates for any level of gun control.

First used by author Alan Korwin in his work for 2000 “Gun Laws of America”

“People who believe you have little or no right to defend yourself if attacked, because social order only may be imposed by authority, and that such authority is superior to your right to exist.”
The ASDM love to believe that further laws will stop people who are in fact already breaking the law.
by Moa_wearemoa May 14, 2019
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Politicians can be counted on to keep all their bad promises, and abandon all their good ones.
Of course Trump is adding to the debt and hasn’t passed any progun legislation, it’s Horton’s law.
by Moa_wearemoa June 28, 2019
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