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Some crappy weed that smells and tastes like salmon. When you smoke it, your lungs turn into fish and continue to puke smoke out of your mouth.
When you smoke fish weed, it is considered going fishing.
Dude: Dude, I took a huge hit o dat fish weed and i fucken got fish lungs all day now! Fishing is fun!

Other Dude: Wo man
by MitchnCam December 07, 2005

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A pen with red ink. You use it to piss off your teachers when they try and mark your work in red pen. They get really mad and go to find a new colour of pen. This is a good idea when you have really old like Mr. West. Red pens suck!
Mitch: Mark my work West.
West: O bob saget its in red pen!
Mitch: Your gonna have to find a new colour!
West: O bob saget!
by MitchnCam December 09, 2005

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