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Say Anything are a band created when Max Bemis (lead singer) SND Coby Linder (Drummer) made a band when they were 13. They are the best band ever...Period! Some of there greatest songs are: Admit It, Plea, People Like You Are Why People Like Me Exist, Goodbye Young Tutour You've Now Outgrown Me, Do Better, Alive With The Glory Of Love, Walk Through Hell and basically every other song by them that they have made.
Go to the Say Anything website and check them out because they are awesome and the best. www.sayanythingmusic.com/
by Mitch359 February 10, 2010

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A mix of douche and n00b. If someone is a noouche then they are the epitome of fail. only to be used in extreme cases.
Guy #1. Shotgun front!!!

Guy #2. What's shotgun?

Guy #1. .................. You are such a noouche. You can walk.
by Mitch359 June 03, 2010

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