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Usually wrongly stereotyped, a "prep" is not really a prep. True preps go to boarding schools and the like. I am wrongly stereotyped as a prep, but, honestly, I don't care. You call me that. I have money. I have a big house. I shop at Abercrombie, American Eagle, AĆ©ropostale, and other shops like that. But the sad thing is, the "goths" and "emos" at my school LIKE me. Although I feel out of place wearing a pink shirt around all that black, I'm friends with all of them. My preppy friends are not bitches and sluts. They have a straight set of mind, and are not sex-hungry and don't make out in public. We are not ditzy idiots who say "like" about 10 times in each sentence. We aren't all clones of each other. We all have different personalities, and we only hate people who hate us. Maybe if you open up then you will understand what I'm saying. Some people can be bitches, I agree with that. Usually it's the emo people's MySpace that say "I'm a bitch, and I don't care what you think." I fit the stereotype for many groups. You can call me a prep, a nerd, a jock, an emo, a goth. I'm a prep because of my clothes, I have a big house, I have money, and my friends. I'm a nerd because I'm good with computers, I'm in Pre-AP classes, get good grades, and I play video games. I'm a jock because I play sports. I'm an emo and a goth because I like their music. So stop wasting your time bashing us and appreciate our differences. I appreciate differences between everyone. Maybe someday people will realize that the only reason we hate each other is because of stereotypes. Whenever I'm on a video game, people call me a nerd. When we "preps" listen to emo bands, its not because we heard ONE of their songs on MTV. I've known tons of bands before they went mainstream. And by the way, MTV sucks, Fuse is better.
Goth: My life is a dark pit of dark..dark....DARKNESS!
Me: Sweet! Mine too! Like my pink shirt?
Goth: HELLS YEH MAN! Why are you cool and not your friends?
Me: Maybe take some time to get to know them...
Me: Uhh, I just remembered I had something to do..bye.

Nerd: You getting on Warcraft tonight?
Me: Yeah, you wanna play a deathmatch?
Nerd: You goin' down!
Me: Psh.
Nerd: What's your name on it again?
Me: It's LongGoneHero. (seriously)
Nerd: Sounds kinda emo...

Fellow "prep": Hey, Dodd, you mind buying me lunch today? I left my lunch money at home..
Me: Sure! Want some ice cream with that too?
by Mister Dodd July 01, 2006
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