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Ethan is very sweet, caring, and loving. He has had a lot of girlfriends but that's because they always broke up with him. He would never hurt his girlfriend. He has very soft lips, with smooth, soft, and clear face. He always texts his girl every day <3. He would beat up his girls ex-boyfriend if he talked bad about her. He knows how to dance, he loves MJ. And his a little shorter then every one else. But oh well :)

I love you Ethan- Kitty
Gf:(thouching his face)
Ethan: hahaha, I guess you like my face?
Gf: yeah! It's so soft

Gfs ex: ewwww, shes so fat and ugly!
Ethan: shut the f**k up, or I will put you head up your ass.

Gfs ex: haha, yeah right! She looks like something from hell.
Ethan: that's it (beats up gfs ex)
by MissEPBlover August 05, 2011
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