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A fan fiction site where you can learn all about the dolan twins and how they would fuck you and how many kids you will have with Edward Cullen from twilight.
BRITTNEY: wow....grayson dolan is such a snack. Even though hes like 20 and im 12 i know we are getting marred!

VICKEY: Grayson dolan fan fic on wattpad is good and all but have you seen the 1D fan fic?? All the boys are so gay for eachother UWU

BRITTNEY: sksksksks UWU oWO skskskk. I love fantasizeing about legal adults when im underage uwu
by Minecraftgod69 September 05, 2019

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A place where you go to get jumped, high, pregnant, or killed.
JESSICA: omg did you hear that i got pregnant under the bleachers at highschool??

KATLYN:omg no way whos the baby daddy?

JESSICA: ssksksksk i have no idea!

KATLYN: Anna oop yo babys going to be a addict tho. You hit that vape too much

JESSICA: true tho no cap sksksk
by Minecraftgod69 September 05, 2019

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