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A type of home-made bong.
Specifically a vessel, containing water, with a mouthpiece and a removable 'cartridge'.
The 'cartridge' consists of a metal or glass tube inserted into the vessel at an angle, below the water level.
Into this 'cartridge' is packed (and we do mean PackeD)first a slice of cigarette, then powdered or finely crumbled cannabis. The cartridge is then re-inserted to the vessel and the toker burns the draw and pulls on the mouthpiece until the cigarette burns through,it 'pops', the cartridge is emptied and he or she gets an entire lungfull of smoke.
Which the author must note, has a marked effect on the sobriety of the toker.
The shotties origin seems to be the West Country (notably Somerset and Devon)but it's use has been recorded as far afield as London and the North West of England.

see also bong toke
"man you look monged out"
"yeah, we've been doing shotties all night..."
by mim November 14, 2004

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(singular 'spangle')
1.(noun)sparkles, sequins, jewels, beads and/or glitter.

2.(noun)anything which coruscates, flashes, gleams, glimmers, glints, glistens, scintillates, shimmers, sparkle, twinkles or winks and is used in a decorative manner

3.(verb)to emit light suddenly in sparks: (coruscate, flash, gleam, glimmer, glint, glisten,scintillate, shimmer,sparkle, twinkle, wink)
'that top is covered in spangles'
'feelin spangly tonight!'
by mim September 13, 2004

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Apparently derived from a German word that means a bit of a fool (Don't be such a schmo)

Now in usage as

1.a friendly greeting "Schmu babe, how's stuff?"

2.an adjective for things considered nice,huggy,cool, desirable etc "That bear is So schmu"

3.an expression of emotional feeling "I schmu you very much Nimble"
"I schmu you loads"

"Do you schmu me?"

"Do you want to go out tonight?"
"Actually I'd rather just stay in and schmu"

"What are you doing Tuesday?"
"Oh, I'm meeting up with Chloe for dinner, gossip and schmu"
by mim February 08, 2008

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