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Female genitalia.

Can be used in numerous ways often with hilarious consequences when situated near a buffet...
"X has got a cheesy quiche" (Often sung)

"Oh, crusty quiche"

"Look at that fork-in quiche" (See what we did there)
by Millidred June 21, 2005
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As the name suggests it's the only way to describe the hairstyle of a white man with an afro
You mean that kid in year 11 with the white man's afro?
by Millidred June 21, 2005
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Similar to other forms of sports widow (ie football widow, golf widow, etc)

This form of widowing involves being invited to the pub only to sit and watch ones partner play darts.

If one wishes they could embrace the darts widow mentality and become a darts wife, wearing large gold jewellery and garish colours. Tres chic...
"What you doing tonight? Do you want to come and be a darts widow?"
by Millidred February 06, 2006
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