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The radio code you hear at Disneyland or Walt Disney World when an attraction temporarily goes down. Derived from the freeway that runs by Disneyland in California (Once part of US 101, now Interstate 5), it was a sort of joke that if an attraction were to break down, it would be time for guests to "hit the 101 freeway." A series of radio codes was built from this:

101: Attraction Down - Routine
101G: Attraction Down due to guest activities
102: Attraction Down - Urgent
103: Attraction Down - Emergency
104: Attraction Up
105: Attraction Operating - Limited Capacity
106: Attraction Operating - Full Capacity
"While in line for Space Mountain, the ride broke down, which causes a Code 101 to be issued."
"Some guests decided to stand up on Splash Mountain, causing it to go Code 101G."
"I just heard that the Matterhorn is now Code 104, let's get in line."
by Mikokat November 09, 2013

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A shithole town in the Bay Area that's full of nothing but thugs, gangbangers, and trailer trash. Basically the armpit of the Bay Area.
CITIZEN: What's the safest part of Vallejo?
COP: Benicia.
by Mikokat February 26, 2014

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