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da man normally is in reference to "The Corporate World". This does not specifically target "Corporate America" as it is country specific if it is not taken in the global sense.

da man works on many levels of the Corporate World. the lowest common denominator is the boss that an employee reports to, to the company he/she works for, to the corporate working world as we know it.
Joe : "Hey Bob did you see that game last night"

Bob : "Nah Joe, I was too busy workin' for da man and didn't get home until it was over."
by Mike Most July 28, 2004

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Both British and American in origin, though typically used in a southeast london accent.

Euch is similar to yuck in it's usage. It's definition lies in the hand of the audience though typically meaning both "no way/never and disgusting" compiled into one word.
"Euch, is all I have to say about that restaurant."
by Mike Most February 10, 2005

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The word given to describe the forgotten proper name of a particular subject (person, place or thing).

Similar to the American use of the word "whatchamacallit".

Originated in South East London.
The last time I stuck the "doobiewhatnot" into the system it nearly blew up.
by Mike Most February 15, 2005

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